Shure MoveMic Wireless Kit Launched

Shure has broken the mold with MoveMic: it's the first direct-to-phone capable lavalier microphone wireless kit in its class, designed specifically for videographers, mobile content creators and mobile journalists.

The Shure MoveMic system is incredibly easy to use and built to provide great quality sound with minimal effort, using Bluetooth Low Energy to connect directly to your phone, perfect for mobile content streaming and podcasting.

Wireless connection is achieved with one touch and you'll get up to 24 hours of on-the-go time with 1 full charge, being that each MoveMic runs for 8 hours and the portable charging case holds an additional two full charges for the mics.

The Shure MoveMic range has three kits available:

Shure MoveMic 2-Channel Kit with Receiver

Shure MoveMic 2-Channel Wireless Kit with Receiver

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Shure MoveMic Two

Shure MoveMic Two Wireless Lavalier System

Shure MoveMic One

Shure MoveMic One Wireless Lavalier System

The MoveMic 2-channel Receiver Kit allows for both recording and streaming direct to phone (using lavaliers only), and for compatibility with cameras, computers and third-party mobile apps via the MoveMic 2-channel Receiver.

The Shure MoveMic One and -Two products provide one or two microphones respectively for direct BT connection to your phone.

You can control the MoveMic system using either the receiver or the Shure MOTIV Video or Audio apps.

Shure MoveMic Features:


The Shure MoveMic has been purposely designed with one of the smallest, most discrete form factors on the market - to be almost invisible. Affix the MovemMic with the clip facing outwards for the most discrete placement on your subject.

Sound Quality

Shure’s decades of experience in producing the world’s best wireless audio have been packed into the MoveMic family of microphones for reliability and durability like you’ve never experienced before.

Direct to phone - no receiver needed!

Not only do Shure's MoveMic One and MoveMic Two offer up to two channels of high-quality audio recording; it has the power to connect directly to your phone without the need for a receiver. Simply download the Shure MOTIV Video or Audio app, connect your MoveMic One or Two within the app and you’re set. No receiver is needed when using Shure MOTIV app to connect to your phone.

24 hours of recording per charge

Every MoveMic lavalier microphone contains up to eight hours of battery life, plus an additional two eight-hour charges within the charge case, giving you at least 24 hours of recording for every full charge.

Once paired, always ready

Get ready to record in seconds by pairing your MoveMic lavalier microphones to your phone via the Shure MOTIV Video app, or to your MoveMic Receiver. After first pairing, the microphones will automatically reconnect to the last device when removed from the charging case and powered on.

IPX4 rated

You shouldn’t have to worry about your equipment. So Shure's engineers have tested MoveMic to withstand rain, spills and splashes.

MoveMic Receiver Kit for universal compatibility

Choose the Shure MoveMic Two Receiver Kit or pick up the MoveMic Receiver separately for additional compatibility with cameras, computers and third-party mobile apps. Connect to all other devices using the supplied USB-C or 3.5mm cable or pick up a USB-C-Lightning cable separately should you wish to connect your MoveMic Receiver to a Lightning-enabled iOS device.

App Control

The microphones are only half the story: download the free ShurePlus MOTIV Video or Audio app to configure audio settings such as gain, limiter, compression, noise reduction, and EQ and record/livestream your content directly from the app.

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